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Meet the Team at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness

Jessie headshot

Jessie Cross, Front Desk

Jessie Cross is another smiling face you will see at the front desk when you visit Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness. She just received her CT certificate and can now perform therapies. She loves that chiropractic isn’t just about the spine, but that it is about how your body functions as a whole.

She left her previous job after 12 years because she wanted to do something that didn’t feel like work. She feels most passionate about making people feel welcome and cared for which is exactly what Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness does.

Seeing people feel better over time and become the best version of themselves brings her such joy.

When Jessie is not working, she loves traveling with her family.


Kelsey, Front Desk

Kelsey is a star at the front desk here at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness. Practice members look forward to seeing her smiling face and catching up with her at every visit!

Kelsey was a chiropractic patient at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness during high school sports and found that being under care was amazing for her performance. After getting an associate degree at UW Platteville she was looking for a job and team that helped her embrace her love for helping people. While working in the banking industry she was in search of a job that allowed her to connect with and help more people feel their best. Her interest in health and helping brought her back to Blau Family Chiropractic at just the right time. Kelsey’s favorite part of her front desk position is getting to talk with and guide practice members every day. Talking with practice members about their wins under care and welcoming new members into the office fills her cup and she is eager to share all that she is learning about chiropractic care with anyone she can.

Family is Kelsey’s passion. She comes from a tight nit family, and they spend lots of time together. She made sure her mother and her grandmother were under care as soon as she began her position and learning all the benefits of chiropractic. Kelsey’s sister Alexis is her best friend, and you can find her traveling or chatting with her any chance she gets, especially now that Alexis is active in the military. Being a part of the Blau Chiropractic family, she feels at home and looks forward to coming to work every day!

Jen headshot

Jen Jacobsen, CRT

Jen Jacobsen is a Chiropractic Radiology Technician at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness.

Jen has been a chiropractic practice member at the practice for quite a while and it has helped her to evolve her thinking of how she can make her health a priority without having to be on medications and see a brighter and simpler way of accomplishing that. Because of her experience with chiropractic, she was excited to get into the field and see how chiropractic care can really help a person in their personal health journey.

One thing she really enjoys is the teamwork that happens at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness; everyone is truly amazing and helpful. Jen loves seeing the healing that so many of the practice members are experiencing from visiting the practice.

Jen is very passionate about her friends and family. In her free time, she enjoys playing bags and horseshoe league and loves working out so she can becoming stronger all around mentally and physically.

Elsie headhshot

Elsie Cibulka, Office Administrator

Elsie Cibulka is the Office Administrator at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness. She has certifications in CT and CRT.

Elsie grew up with parents who were an advocate for regular chiropractic care and for that she is very thankful. All throughout her childhood she went to a chiropractor. Fever? Time to get adjusted. Ear infection? Time to get adjusted. And even maintenance care every 2-4 weeks for years.

She was offered an opportunity to work at a small office in her hometown and that is where her love for chiropractic and a more natural healthcare approach really blossomed. Elsie went on to work there for 5 years, learning front desk, assisting with exams, insurance claims and more. It gave her a great foundation in understanding how our bodies work and how that relates to chiropractic.

Though she hadn’t necessarily planned to continue working in the chiropractic field, shortly after she got married and moved to Wisconsin in 2016, she was hunted down and asked to join the Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness team and here she is years later still loving it and looking forward to many more!

One thing that she loves about working at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness is that she is not only able to utilize the skills God has given her, but it’s alongside other superb individuals who all contribute to serving the patients and this community together. Chiropractic care has changed the lives of so many who have walked through the doors and she really enjoys being part of it.

When she is not working, her time is filled up with the many adventures at Hunter Bluff Farm, raising two girls and a crew of critters with husband. Hauling hay, baking up a storm, or even finding an hour for some good self-care in the midst of everything else certainly keeps her on her toes.

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